On the last day of Term 5, #TeamOcklynge came together to celebrate the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. All of the children were invited to come to school in mufti, wearing colours of red, white and blue to represent the colours of the Union Jack to mark this special and very Royal affair! The children enjoyed a sunny picnic on the school field, playing games, sport activities and, generally, having a Royally jolly old time! Sadly, ol’ Queenie couldn’t make it (she was ‘busy’ apparently!), but we celebrated in true #TeamOcklynge style in her honour! Everyone thoroughly enjoyed the event, having a special picnic lunch and the ambiance created around the school (particularly within the Reception/office area, where staff pulled out all the stops to ensure the children were greeted in true Royal fashion!). The day, needless to say, was a huge hit all round and it felt truly special to mark this momentous occasions altogether. A day truly fit for Royalty! The Queen herself would be very proud and as are we. Well done #TeamOcklynge. #JubileeTeaParty #HRHQueenElizabeth #Celebration #NationalHistory #GreatBritain #P.A.R.T.Y #LearnExploreAchieve