Rainbow Groups

The idea has been developed from a book called ‘Creating Learning without Limits’ written in part by a Headteacher of a 1 form entry primary school in Hertfordshire which has been graded by Ofsted as ‘Outstanding’ in 3 consecutive inspections!


All children and staff have been allocated a colour group. They will remain in this group for the whole time they are at Ocklynge.

The system is radically different from a traditional school council structure but is, in effect, a pupil council in which all children and adults are listened to and their opinions valued and acted upon. The listening culture across the school can then start to evolve.

Year Group Orange Yellow Green Blue Indigo Violet
Year 3 3BW 3M 3H 3WB 3B 3GH
Year 4 4N 4LR 4W 4CK 4G 4MC
Year 5 5LH 5WH 5F 5L 5S 5M
Year 6 6HF 6RH 6La 6V 6Lo 6Q
Others Mrs Denton Mrs Hughes Mrs Berhane Mrs Willer Mrs Swingler Miss Jones