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National Writing Day Wednesday 24th June 2020

While many of us were not able to come in to school, we still enjoyed celebrating National Writing Day- both at home and in class. All the children were given the same stimulus to respond to- an eerie and mysterious image of the abandoned Nara Dreamland theme park in Japan. This inspired a fantastic range of quality independent writing from poems and diaries to stories and even newspapers!

We had some superb examples from children at home and from our bubbles in school. It was wonderful to see everyone so enthused about writing, showing some outstanding creativity, imagination and resilience during these challenging times.

Here is a small selection of some of our very best pieces from each year group. We hope to share these amazing pieces in school next term. Well done everybody!

Year 3 Winners

Max 3BF

Arlo 3S

Dylan 3B

Laila 3WM

Mia 3GM

Nieve 3S

Year 4 Winners

Arham 4CK

Zaaviyar 4CK

Ellie 4L

Eva 4N

Sophie 4V

Madison 4G

Year 5 Winners

Grace 5L

Josh 5FH

Luke 5M

Martha 5B

Tom 5LW

Amelie 5WS

Sam 5WS

Ollie 5WS

Year 6 Winners

Autumn 6HH

Carmen 6J

Ethan 6H

Hattie 6R

Jake 6Q

Katie 6HH

Mia 6HH

Raya 6B

Rosie 6B

Summer 6HH

Ted 6Q

Zack 6H

Marla 6R

Emma 6B

Jess 6R

Lucy 6J

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