Important Notice


Ocklynge Bubble Groups

    Green Bubble - 3BW, 3H, 3GM, 3WB

    Purple Bubble - 3B, 3S, 4W, 4MC

    Red Bubble - 4G, 4CK, 4LR, 4N

    Orange Bubble - 6La, 5L, 5WH

    Blue Bubble - 5M, 5S, 5LH, 5F

    Yellow Bubble - 6RH, 6Q, 6Lo, 6V, 6HF


Welcome Message

Welcome to Ocklynge Junior School.

It gives me great pleasure on behalf of all the staff, children, parents and governors to warmly welcome you to our wonderful school.

I hope you find this website both informative and inspiring and that it captures the essence of the school. Ocklynge is a very happy and welcoming school with a staff team that is fantastic- nurturing and inspirational. We all aspire to provide the best learning experience possible.

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